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Boiler Installation

Home heating accounts for more than 50% of your annual energy bills and at the centre of this heat is the boiler. This implies that if your boiler is not running efficiently, you are wasting a lot of money powering it. While it is costly to replace a boiler, it's worth considering if a new boiler will save enough money to make it worthwhile, particularly if your old boiler is becoming unreliable and requires frequent repairs. Eco Efficient offers affordable installation of boilers, and thus, you don't have to worry about who will install the new boiler for you.

Choosing a new boiler is a daunting task. However, depending on the age of your old boiler, it could be one of the three major types that have been used in homes around the United Kingdom. These include combination boilers, system boilers, and regular boilers. Keep in mind that each of these boilers has its benefits and the constraints though almost half of the modern boilers being fitted to homes are combination boilers. Regardless of the type of boiler you are using, our experts have extensive knowledge on how to install any type of boiler effectively.

Why choose Eco Efficient?

Professional services

At Eco Efficient, we provide highly professional services. Keep in mind that all our engineers are Gas Safe registered.  We have employed them directly, and that allows us to guarantee excellent quality work and service to all our clients. These engineers wear a branded uniform, and they carry a photo identification card. That makes it easier for any of our clients to recognize them and get assured that they'll be getting a safe and reliable service.

At Eco Efficient, we understand how important customer service is, and all our clients can be assured that our engineers will treat their homes and business premises with a complete respect. They treat each of our clients as an individual, making sure that they address any concerns that our clients might be having. If you are in need of professional boiler servicing and installation, contact us.

Prompt response

We respond promptly to requests made by our clients. Boiler installation might not seem like an emergency, but in some cases it is. For instance, during the winter season, every minute a boiler servicing company delays means that the client is going to stay in a cold home and lack hot water. Our primary objective is to make sure that your boiler is installed properly and can serve you instantly.  This is the main reason we will dispatch a team of boiler installation engineers to your home to ensure that the boiler is installed in time.

Pocket-friendly prices for excellent services

While low prices are associated with low-quality services, things are different when it comes to boiler installation services offered at Eco Efficient. Our services are delivered by experts using the most current boiler installation technology, tools, and equipment. Despite the top quality associated with these services, we still charge affordable prices for the services.

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