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If you find the prices of central heating installation inhibitive, talk to Eco Efficient. The company has flexible payment methods with unmatched prices. We accept many international cards and medium of payment, though you may need to check with us if your preferred payment mode does not feature on our site.

Our packages are friendly, and you will get what suits you best. We have high prices for our repeat clients. To avoid costly repairs and replacements, regular service of the equipment is essential. While you will have to pay a small fee for service, it is a sure way of spending less shortly.

Quality services
All our staff members are vetted through the government systems and other private means. Our staff is all individuals with credible and clean criminal records. We ensure the security of our client’s possession by providing people with integrity in your premises.

While in some instances you can obviously tell if there is a problem with the boilers, in isolated cases, gas and boiler leaks are hard to detect immediately. The team at Eco Efficient carries out routine service for boilers and central heating system. Engineers that handle the job are well trained and gas safe registered.

We hire staff both on merit and excellent soft skills. Aware of our client needs of proper treatment, our staff members go through intense customer care training. Eco Efficient handles all distress calls from clients with utmost calm and practical solutions at hand.

For many years, we offer stellar services in and around Ely. We have experienced staff with a vast knowledge in various central heating system models and designs. They will advise you on the latest condensing ones which are energy savers as they trap heat from emissions. Result? Low energy bills.

Our team uses modern, sophisticated equipment that picks any present and potential problem facilitating prompt central heating repairs in time. This saves our clients from unnecessary down times.

Reviews and recommendations
Central heating installation is a delicate job that calls for an expert in the field. Botched central heating and boiler installation can lead to life-threatening cases like explosions and gas leaks. Today, it is easy to review a supplier’s work before engaging them.

Eco Efficient boasts in a trail of happy clients. We are thorough and isolate each client needs for customised services. Passion drives us, and we believe in safe boiler solution.

Whether you are looking for a new bathroom or boiler repairs, we are your one-stop solution. You will also learn about the latest market trends and how to ensure your boiler serves you best. At Eco Efficient, you get money back guarantee and warranties for all the work we undertake. We are confident of our work, choice of materials and products. If you feel that you got a raw deal, you will be duly compensated.

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