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Boiler Repairs

For many years, Eco Efficient has been offering services for residents in Cambridge and other nearby areas. We aim at ensuring that your boiler is always performing at the topmost level. This has earned us a good name not only in Cambridge but also in the entire United Kingdom as a whole. With such hard-earned reputation, you can be sure that we will never fall beyond our set standards. Our services are convenient and affordable.

A boiler is prone to breakdown due to wear and tear when it’s in use. A faulty boiler can cause disruptions and inconveniences in your house. Eco Efficient will ease your the stress and panic associated with impromptu boiler malfunction. We believe in providing fast and timely boiler repair in Cambridge. Thus, our customers don't have to put up with a cold home for long. Our engineers use company vehicles to get to where you are. Thus, you never have to deal with delayed repairs. 

Repairing your boiler as soon as you notice a problem will keep it running for a long time. An efficiently performing boiler requires less energy to run which means that your energy bills reduce significantly. It will also reduce the chances of a total breakdown. An extensively damaged boiler is expensive to repair, and in some instances, you will be required bear the full costs of replacement. Eco Efficient will help you save money by ensuring that any problems affecting your boiler are fixed.

Why us?

Reliable and dependable services

Our engineers take pride in delivering quality services. They have years of experience as well as up to standard training. They are certified and gas safe engineers. We have ensured that they have access to the best technology and modern tools. This coupled with their determination and strived to deliver quality, has made us a leading company in boiler repair Cambridge.

24-hour emergency services

A boiler is an integral part of your home. It has a role of providing your household with warm water especially when it’s chilly. The thing about them is that they can break down at any time without warning. When this happens, you do not have to panic. Eco efficient will offer you their services at any time of day and night. All you have to do is call us. Our able engineers will be knocking on your doorstep within no time.


We aim at offering our clients excellent services at a reasonable fee. We have discounted prices for our regular customers. Even then if you are a new customer, you don’t have to shy away. Our prices are fairly priced, and you will still enjoy our services.

Friendly customer care

We have a support system working 24 hours to help our customers. They are trained and friendly. They will respond to your problem promptly.

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